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Theme & Lessons

Comb the beach of a deserted island with a host of colorful characters, including Floyd, a wise flamingo; Stella, a sassy starfish; Topher, a tentative turtle; Marvin, a dependable monkey; and Cameron, a shy, ever-color-changing chameleon. Students will also meet Archibald J. Worthington, III, better known on the island as Archie, a shipwrecked businessman who’s lost more than just his possessions and needs to find his way. Like Archie, students will discover that you always have a Rock and a Refuge when you feel lost and will learn that you’re never really marooned all by yourself.



Lesson 1Challenge to See

Bible Text: 1 Kings 19:1-18

Lesson 2Challenge to Know

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 34:1-33

Lesson 3 Challenge to Trust

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 20:1-24

Lesson 4Challenge to Obey

Bible Text: Jonah 1:1-3:5

Lesson 5Challenge to Believe

Bible Text: John 20:24-29


Starter Kit



Classroom Materials

The strength of every Vacation Bible School experience is the materials that guide our classes. Teacher Manuals and Student Books for your students (ages 2-Teens) guide Bible-based, relevant lessons that will draw them closer to Jesus. There is also an accompanying adult study book* suitable both for teachers and students.
*The adult study book is also available in Spanish.

manual_1 Teacher Manual Sample Pages
manual_3 Adult Book Sample Pages
manual_4 Story Time Bible Book Sample Pages
manual_5 director's Manual
skit book Skit BOOK
cd Multi-Media CD

flamingoarts and rafts

The Marooned Crafts will save you time and money by furnishing you with most of the materials needed to complete each craft. You will only need to supply common household items such as glue or tape. Each craft pack contains the materials to equip twelve students with one craft each. All the crafts relate to the theme and are designed to fill each craft session with a fun activity. Because some crafts contain small pieces and are not suitable for preschoolers, additional crafts are available for these young students.


See God Binoculars

Designed to reinforce Lesson One, this craft includes yarn, ribbon, color-changing beads, and die-cut pieces. Great for most ages!


Know God Crown Kit

Designed to reinforce Lesson Two, this craft includes sequins and die-cut pieces. Great for most ages!


Trust God Luggage Tag

Designed to reinforce Lesson Three, this craft includes wood tags, beads, sticker decals, and cord. Great for most ages!


Follow God wall art

Designed to reinforce Lesson Four, this craft includes chenille stems, beads, cord, and die-cut pieces. Great for most ages!


Believe God Photo Frame

Designed to reinforce Lesson Five, this craft includes cord, yarn, and die-cut pieces. Great for most ages!


Message in a Bottle Necklace

Can be used with any lesson. Includes corked bottles, bottle messages, beads, and cord. Great for most ages!


Marooned Puzzles

Can be used with any lesson. Includes five different designs, twelve of each design. Just add crayons or markers. Great for most ages!


Island Fan

Can be used with any lesson. Includes brads and die-cut pieces. Just add crayons or markers. Great for most ages!

monkeySupport Material

Don’t forget all the extras that make VBS so special. Advertising posters and invitation cards can spread the word that VBS is coming. Thank-you cards aid in the follow-up process. A multi-media CD, which can also be played as an audio CD, is compatible with Mac and PC platforms. Containing art files, reproducible PDF files with certificates, a door hanger template, name badges, song lyrics, and much more, the CD is a great resource for any VBS program. Our VBS theme song, “Lead Me in Your Truth” as well as other titles (in a cappella), will help get everyone excited to meet the challenge to see, know, trust, obey, and believe.

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